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EMCO Network File Search 1.1.5

     Category: Network & Communications / Misc Tools

Description of
EMCO Network File Search
This file search utility allows you to find files stored on Windows PCs connected to a LAN/WAN. You can search for files that meet specified criteria on one or multiple remote PCs. The supported search criteria include search by file name, extension, file mask and file location. The search functionality is similar to the local file search, except that you have to specify the computers where to search for files. You can specify one or multiple PCs. When multiple PCs are selected, the application performs search operations in parallel on multiple PCs in order to increase the search performance. The file search results are displayed by the application in a separate view, which can be used to browse the results and manage the found files. You can copy, move or delete the found files from remote PCs. If you search for malware files, you can directly check the found files for viruses using the online VirusTotal service. The displayed search results can be exported to a file in the HTML, XML or Excel format. The application doesn#039;t require any software to be installed on remote PCs. All operations are performed remotely from a central location.
EMCO Network File Search
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Author: Emco Software
License: Shareware
Price: $49
File Size: 4.3 MB
Downloads: 3

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